How to submit a writeup?

I just recently finished Resolute, and as a project for my class I did a writeup on the machine. I'm pretty new here and I'm not sure how to go about submitting these. Must I wait until the machine is retired, and do I need a certain amount of points in order to submit something?




  • As far as I know, the main place people submit write ups for the live machines is on github here:

    If you've never used github before, its not the most intuitive... but PM me if you need help.

    Oh and make sure you password protect the PDF with the root flag.

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    You need to wait until the machine is retired before you can submit the write-up. HTB retires a machine every week. Anyone is free to submit a write-up once the machine is retired. The place for submission is the machine's profile page. Alternatively, if you can't wait until the machine is retired, you can password-protect your write-up with the root flag like Hackplayers does.

    The reason is simple: no spoilers.

    Hope this helps.

    Write-ups of retired machines

  • Thanks I appreciate the insight from both of y'all.
    Will wait until box is retired!

  • but... I can submit the active machines with root has password ... right?

    Exist any other rule? like format? screenshots? etc ....



    +respect me if I helped you :}

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