When basics won't work (Spoilers about LAME machine)


this post is not about a concrete machine, rather about debugging techniques and time prioritization and strategy decision.

This raised enumerating machine called 'LAME'. After trying everything what I could imagine, I started reading some walkthroughs and saw that other people had success with commands I already tried (smbclient -L IP).

After seeing it and trying it again, copy paste, update, upgrade, auto-remove, purge, install smbclient again, download 2019.4 kali linux and freshly installed, and failed over and over again, I felt somehow disappointed.

Running kali on a virtualbox vm and vpn from inside kali, I decied to check if my windows 10 host was blocking any "discover new devices stuff" that should/might be related with smb discovery. It wasn't.

After trying to find any way to debug it, find logs in my machine related to it and dig deeper through internet, i read this comment:

"use kali 2017.1 for smbclient and enum4linux, 2019.4version is broken"

[source: ]

After downloading and installing Kali 2017.1 I was able to run a simple "smbclient -L IP" against same machine ('LAME').

Does somehow have any recommendations on further troubleshoot or an easiest way to know through logs that smbclient was broken on the version I was running?

Can you run the smbclient command against the "LAME" machine successfully? Please post your Linux version.

I hope this helps someone.



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