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Hi Everyone, I'm still new around here and hoping someone explain some things to me like what the "User Owns", "Root Owns" and "Resets" mean on the various machines. I have a general idea on what they could mean but if veteran could clarify that would be awesome.

Happy Hacking Everyone!


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    User Own: means that you were able to get access to a target box as a different user than "root" or "administrator", and therefore you can only read the user.txt flag, which is just a long key that is used to prove that you've reached this point.

    Root Own: means that you were able to get full access to the target box as the highest user authority, which is case of Linux it is "root", or "SYSTEM" or "administrator" for Windows. If you do get this level of authority on the system then you can read the root.txt flag, which is used as a proof that you have completely owned this system.

    Reset: you can do it to literally reset the target box to its original state. This is needed for when other players have ruined the box somehow intentionally or unintentionally. They could change configurations such as passwords, alter some files, etc...

  • Thanks for the clarification! Really helpful. Really excited to have made it onto this website and be able to start practicing stuff as I learned how to do them.

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