[WEB] interdimensional internet



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    Stuck on the challenge since 3 days, please DM me for a nudge I am wondering how can I get info from the server, both blindly or remotely.

  • Hello everyone, please tell me how to bypass regex ['[', '(', '_', '.'].

  • I would also like a nudge about bypassing the regex ^
    Also, the the challenge change at some point, because older posts are talking about POST data, while it look like changing session cookies to me

  • You can definitely do this challenge without being blind. Took some work but you can reduce the payload to a size that will allow you to dump the contents into something you can control.

  • Does anyone know if they intentionally removed the docker image for this challenge? Or maybe it's just on my end, but I have no option to download a docker image to play with for this and it seems pretty helpful to accomplish the challenge...

  • Finding the initial foothold was certainly easy, but how to use it to get the flag was a challenge.

    There are a couple really good hints on the first page of this thread. Also, check Python's documentation on a key function. The syntax works differently between Python 2 and Python 3.

    Sometimes, it takes two escape attempts before getting out of jail successfully. You also might have to call your ex while you're already on the phone with your other ex.

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