[WEB] interdimensional internet

Opening the discussion on the new interdimensional internet!



  • Hm, haven't got anything so far. Just a hash in the CSS tag. It seems irrelevant

  • Dirb didn't get anything

  • The number seems to change everytime

  • @PvtSec said:

    The number seems to change everytime

    Read the HTML comments


    • GCIH
      If you need help with something, PM me how far you've got already, what you've tried etc (I won't respond to profile comments). And remember to +respect me if I helped you ; )
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    I had a nice plate of COOKIES, but my FLASK wasnt as full as I wanted; it was a thirsty SESSION. I hope I dont BURP.

    My brain hurts and this is a really tough challenge, but im learning a bunch. Oh jeez, having a bunch of, a buncha fun. Oh man.

  • @emmycat
    Don't drink too much or you'll go BLIND.


  • Anyway I can get a nudge for the final step from any of the few solvers out there? I just am not sure what's possible besides a really slow and brutal way. I've tried other ways to overwrite other important things and tried to mess with a local thing but not succeeding .


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    Argh! How do you bypass the regex and Python 2.7's restricted execution mode?

    Write-ups of retired machines

  • It's even worse than that. Since _ is filtered, we can't even reach system() through Python subclasses, as shown in:
    Any idea, anyone?

  • Is the following error part of the challenge? I managed to create some recipes that would trigger the GFW locally, but probably of the time issue I cannot reproduce it on the docker site...Also any ideas on how to bypass the GFW?

    OverflowError: timestamp out of range for platform time_t
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    I can did 1 time, but i try encode cookie again, but not working. Please Helpme

  • I can get RCE running it locally (sleep, print, etc) with no modifications to the ***k s***** script, but because I built my local test setup using a different platform than the remote server my auth fails, and I don't feel like setting up another platform for this. Not yet anyway, maybe if I get bored enough one day.


  • Hi, anyone facing the issue where things are working on there box and not on docker instance, please make sure all your python libs are up to date.

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    Need some help, please.
    < type > is right way?
    PM me, please

  • omg It was HARD!

  • @istivagyok some distros come with a outdated Flask library pre-installed, please make sure that the library itsdangerous is updated so that the cookie signing works

  • Need some help with this challenge PM me :)

  • Whoa this one is hard. Any hints in how to process the forbidden (data)?
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    @rubenflush maybe take a look at encoding and try to ESCAPE the filter

    I am able to bypass the firewall restrictions and I can execute some commands. I cannot recover the builtins functions though because access to __globals__ attribute is not possible (python restricted execution mode) . Any hints here or via pm would be nice :)
  • Thanks that worked! Now I am stuck again... this is taking soo much time lol
  • Can anyone give me a hint / PM? Is there any way to execute something?
  • Got it! :-D Who knew playing in a snake’s sandbox could be so fun. Thanks to @undefi for the nudge.


  • Thanks for this great challenge! :)

  • Can someone DM me a hint on how to bypass r***x? No matter how hard I try to ESCAPE I seem to to still be stuck.

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    Sometimes it is good to use something twice.

    Still working on this challenge. I don't know how to get data back.

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