• got it, feel free to PM me... thanks @guanicoe ... this is probably the fun challenge i've ever do. python <3


    Valiant, nothing is impossible.
    Lock by lock and one after the other is the key. You cannot open door number 9 until you have unlocked number 8.

  • Heeeeh .. Finally I fix it but PIL .. I'm not able yet to solve it by pytesseract .. but I will try again harder.. About the challenge .. I love it, Read and recognize 1000 png and extract around 1002 files !! really ! thank you @mprox for that kind of brainfuck skills challenge :smiley:
    a special thanks for @m4nu for his inspiration

    I wouldn't mind some +respect if I helped you ;)

  • Nice challenge, I liked it very much: I had to get rid of some rust away from py programming skills!
    Thank for the challenge!

    About 100 loc in python, no tesserac but PIL and zipfile

  • This was so much fun! Thanks @swani !!!

  • I could use some help on this one...

    I can guess/crack all of the passwords, but obviously would take too long considering the amount of zip files.

    Everyone seems to be mentioning PIL, but I don't know what that is or how to use it??

    Can anyone help guide me with that?

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    Haha that's the kind of challenge that once you start you cannot stop even though you know you will spend quite some time on it.

    Just wanted to check if it could be done 100% with bash... Yes sir! 60 lines of code, some headaches, and few minutes to run :)

  • Nice challenge, easy to understand what to do. just needed some coding skills.. witch I don't have, so I did it in Bash
    Big like from here


  • honestly at the beginning I thought it would be really easy .. After losing some unexpected hours trying to understand the right pattern I have to admit that it was an interesting and fun challenge.

    Instead I envy those who can do it without coding .. I miss the bash very much .. If someone were so kind to explain me the alternatives I would be grateful ..


  • Hello,
    Does anyone succeeded with a fast solution ? I used PIL and it's so slooooow...
    Would like to debate on it ;)

  • One of my favorite challenges so far! Spent a day and a half lol, mostly fixing the python code when handling the decoded string, but the PIL part was very easy! feel free to PM me if you need help with your script ;)

  • Enjoyable, but it still felt like homework for some reason :D
    PIL + bash script, sit back and wait a minute.
    Feel free to PM for nudges or coding help

  • Loved this challenge. I did it with a custom php script just for the fun of it. took me around 30 mins.

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