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    Hi all,
    I'm stuck at the last step of user...
    I decrypted (apparently) both o??.txt (a************) and p***************.txt (S**T***)
    but I'm not able to connect via ssh using either keys or variations of the second one.

    Is ssh acrive for user r***** or should I try to reverse-shell?
    Or I have to try more variations of the key?


    would you be kind enough to tell me how these two files are decrypted?

  • rooted!

    Nice box, I liked the thought process that was required to get user. Root was crazy easy, though!

  • After putting this box off for a long while because I am absolutely trash at anything programming related, I took the plunge yesterday to get back into it. Finally rooted it today, root was really cool. The biggest issue for me with user was trying to get the local server instantiated in the first place.

    Also, if you're having problems with the bad characters for a key, try base64ing before transferring it to your attacking machine, and then reading directly from a file. Copy and pasting screwed me for a few hours.

    Honestly @clubby789, that box really did teach me loads, and it was absolutely awesome the whole way through. Thank you!


    Happy to offer nudges to anyone on boxes I've done, provided you show that you've reasonably tried to understand what the goal is! If I do help, please consider giving respect!

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