gofundme for OSCP



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    That's just my opinion, but seriously there are people that live under the poverty line, why should someone pay for someone else's OSCP certification (and even worse for the 2 month plan) than just help someone that really needs this money. I'm not trying to be rude but again I'm just expressing my opinion.


  • Where I live, It takes about 6 months worth of pay, assuming not spending a penny, and the country doesn't go all south, and yet, I wont ask anyone to pay for my shit, I'll do whatever it takes, learn and get actual skills, and later validate that knowledge with a cert, if you managed to get the money, please fix your mindset first before attempting the cert.
    Do CTFs and rank up, and start saving, the cert is not the only way to validate knowledge, good luck.

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    Always happy to help! but please consider dropping some respect. ^^

  • Keep grinding. Keep learning. Pick up bug bounties. Work work work.

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