No conn. with VPN (configured in Kali), connection with VPN through terminal

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Adding the HTB VPN to Kali gnome (VPN settings) :

  • Unable to load any page in browser
  • I am able to ping machines on HTB network

Running openvpn NFury.ovpn in terminal:

  • Normal connection, all pages load
  • Connection with all machines on HTB network

I added the ovpn file to the VPN settings in Kali to have easy access to a VPN toggle. At first adding a ovpn file resulted in an error, so I ran the following command to install the necessary packages:
apt-get install network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome

The problem arises when I connect to the VPN that is configured in Kali (under networks; VPN settings) I am connected to the HTB network and I can ping all the machines, but I cant load any page from, or any other pages.
Only when I disable the VPN (configured in Kali) I can load pages, but have no connection to any of the machines.

I know the ovpn file is valid, because when I open up a terminal and run openvpn NFury.ovpn, I get connection with the machines and I can browse all pages.
I know it may be petty, but how can I configure the HTB VPN in Kali for easy access, but still be able to browse the web?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  • I'am unsure on what's the deal as it is just a matter of typing 2 words, anyway updating your crontab and adding a @reboot job should make it work without touching anything else!

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