OSCP Preparation (HTB BOXES) Journey + Legacy Writeup

Hello everyone :) My name is Vlad and I currently am a first-year Computer Science University student and I've created a YouTube channel where I will post videos from my OSCP Journey! Hope you'll like it:


  • How about getting this done with out Metasploit? Can you do a vid on that?

  • I would also get into the habit of making notes and taking screen captures. That period when you are writing your report and you may have forgot to take a screen capture of a proof.txt

  • Good video writeup. I've just graduated college and I'm about to start my OSCP journey as well.

    Like @PanamaEd117 said above, I'd try to run the exploit again manually so you don't have to rely on metasploit, which you can only use once in the exam.

    Hack The Box

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