Unable to scan the VMs

I have encountered a problem when I imported a lab VM and unable to scan out the IP. After I launched it, I cannot find out the IP address from Netdiscover. I have tried to put both Kali and VM in same Brigde, NAT, Host-Only or even custom the virtual network to set on both, but nothing work. Any idea?


  • did you run openvpn ?


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    did you run openvpn ?

    No I didn't run openvpn, I downloaded a lab VM, from time to time, some VMs are unable to find the IP address even on the subnet, I see the walkthrough, others can do it, probably just my VM is not configuring right or something. The VMs stated "DHCP service: Enabled; IP address: Automatically assign", so I' assuming either same network options on both Kali and VM should work.

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    sudo openvpn saleng76.ovpn
    and dont close the window

    get saleng76.ovpn in access menu on htb


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