• Just finished the box, barely before it retires :sweat_smile: Very nice box with a steep learning curve for anyone unfamiliar with AD - showed me my shortcomings quite nicely :wink:
    Huge thanks to @nicolasmira101, @FiRePl4y and @som1 for helping me out.
    As always, thanks to the creators @egre55 & @mrb3n !

  • This box is......
    First off, the scripts are garbage and DON'T WORK, MK DOES NOT WORK, BH**** Is really bad and only works when you take the time to build it. I also follow the path of the dog and it didn't work because IT'S OUT OF DATE WITH P***V****.. I took time when I'm not working (and most of the time I have been working) to Google stuff, read articles like the ones in this thread and also watch videos. WTF is going on?

  • I spent like 10 hours trying to get this root just before machine was going to be retired, but couldn't get past giving my user replication rights as absolutely nothing was working (Powerview master, Powerview dev, anything you could find in any DCSync article, tried literally everything multiple times, using both Kali and Windows).

    I just watched VBScrub's walkthrough and saw him casually paste the same script, hit enter and get the permissions. Then I watched Ippsec's video, where he uses PowerView and it just works somehow.

    Oh well.

  • I realize this box is retired but for whatever dang reason, I cannot get this box to respond. One moment it is up and I can ping it. Other times, it won't respond. And this is coming from a VIP connection.... This is really annoying.

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