• Can somebody give me a hint? I already found the files


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    @MrFlash24 you have the files? Great. Do you recognise the platform?

    Read up about it and its CLI commands. It's going to benefit you.

    After you start reading it will become apparent - you're a single command away from the solution.

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    Interesting but not high quality, anyway it will give you some reminder when you develop some software :-)


  • piece of cake if you already know the tool, very easy if it's the first time that you hear about it.
    You need just couple of command..
    Nothing else is needed

  • Honestly I probably had way more trouble doing this challenge than I should have just because I was adamant on doing it on Windows, but the tips here put me on the right track

  • There is a really useful tool for this kind of challenge, I won't post it here as it'd be a spoiler but DM me if you'd like to know

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