[Reverse] Headache

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I have found the dummy flag in the hexdump, but now I have no other leads.

Any suggestions or tips?


  • Prepare to have a headache, possibly heartache as well ;)

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    If you did the other reversing challenges here, it is (relatively) straightforward, but not trivial. Other than a debugger (i used radare), there are no additional tools required, yet they might be helpful.

    If you don't understand the behavior of the binary at all, elfparser (available on Github) might give you some leads. You also want to have a look at the string-usage in the disassembly, it can give you a good idea of where to set breakpoints.

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  • So I got the flag (not the troll flag): HTB{w*****4*s_****l} but it's showing as incorrect. Did I get doubly trolled and am missing something?

  • Anything that's incorrect is not the flag. Try again.

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