We have a leak - OSINT Challenge



  • Please any hints? Stuck at the password part.

  • Really stuck on this one. Found several twitter accounts and noticed some things inside the pictures, but no password seems to work unziping We_have_a_leak.zip. Any hint or nudge would be very welcome. Thank you.

  • Need a help to navigate to the password folder. All the information that was on Twitter did not help to promote. Most likely I'm missing something (((

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    I have checked every comment, every picture of all of the accounts for Secure Corp and their employee, i really wonder where on earth there is that default password that everyone is talking about ?!?!

    EDIT: got it

    eCPPT | OSCP

  • Type your comment> @monstr said:

    @SleepyKaze Just pm me if you want, I can try to nudge you in the right direction :) I was stuck at the same place, but the answer was right infront of me the whole time.

    @elearning Media :)

    hi can you help me in this challenge?

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    i have the default ssh passwd and mail and all twitter info but stuck on the last password.zip, can anyone nudge me @monstr @elearning @SleepyKaze @lebutter
    anyone ...pls it would be helpful

  • Wow thanks for the challenge ... quite enjoyed it
    an it was one of the first challenges i tried!

    All hints needed are on this forum!
    Read every post.

    Hack The Box

  • Please a nudge! I need help. I have the password from the zip, but no more. THX

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