We have a leak - OSINT Challenge



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    Hi, I need help I actually researched all the info about the company, I found the username for username.zip but I cannot figure the password for password.zip. I saw that many people said something about a "default ssh password" that used as pattern to generate the real but I dont know how to obtain it. I already detected 3 profiles from employees and the profile of the company in tw ...

    H3LP PLZ!

    nvm completed thanks for the help @Dethread

    All the info needed is on the profiles of the employees/company... Only search well...
    DM if you need help with something

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    Hey! Newbie here!
    Trying to figure this one out.. Is there someone available to ask for some tips? :)

    DM me


  • hi im stuck at unzip the username.zip i searched on twitter but helped me out can you guys help me out this..

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    DM if you need hints at all :smiley:
  • Well, I need a hint for the second pass. I tried all the patterns combinations that I can imagine and use brute over the second zip without success.

    Reach me on Discord: n3b0r#2873

  • Hi, kinda stuck at the username.zip and could kinda use a little nudge.

  • Hei i'm stuck with We have a Leak Challenge Found one account on twitter but Still Can't Found the Password Any Help Appriciated

  • i got stuck with the "We have a leak" found 3 twitter account dont know what to look in the pictures need some nudge

  • hei need some nudge with We have a leak challenge

  • Completed Thanks @Dethread Thanks A lot for Help
    Ping me if Anyone got Stuck

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    Could use a nudge in the right direction, stuck on finding the right username format...

    Edit: Nvm, starting with the Breach challenge answered my question.

  • Hi all, I'm stucked with the password.zip ! can't figure out the pattern probably overthinking it but...
    so could use a nudge thx !

  • I've found the 3 twitter pages; one which provides a good, seasonal hint for new users looking for passwords. ...but I just cannot get past the username.zip file. I've tried all the users and permutations, but nothing! Is there something else that I'm missing?

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    Annnnnndddd.... I'm past the username part! Just need to figure out password.zip now :smiley:

    [edit] - SOLVED!

  • Hey guy's I could really use a nudge in the right direction here, I'm currently astuck at the password protected zip folder. I have found the twitter page but nothing really is sticking out to me.

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    Stuck. I could use a nudge for the username.zip
    . I have tried every pattern I can think of based off the what I have found from Twitter. Thanks!!

  • Just finished this challenge... got to say, it gave me a run for my money for a day where I went through the wrong rabbit hole xD - still, the 'eureka' moment that hit me was awesome...

    As a hint of this, I've already seen it so far, maybe I can make it more explicit... think of the process you go through when connecting to ssh... then look closely at the folder structure of the zips (use tree if needed :) )

    Hack The Box

    it ain't much but it's honest work

  • Please I need a nudge. Exhausted all my options.

  • Need a nudge badly. Stuck . Found the twitter page and the 2 employees

  • Keep in mind that this is OSINT ... everything you find can give you some information... just look carefully through everything you find. Imagine this would be a real life scenario and those aren't actual fake accounts with stock photos.

    Hack The Box

    it ain't much but it's honest work

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    I'm stuck after finding an e-mail address.
    Could anyone give me a hint?
    Any help is much appreciated :)

    edit: solved

  • Could use some help, I have the password but the file appears to be empty.

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    I'm stuck on finding the password.zip, I have the default password and information on the accounts looking for a pattern. Need a nudge on what more information I'm missing.
    Edit: Got it, just needed to step away

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    Anyone able to help? N00b here

    Edit: Never mind. Solved. For those who are stuck. Do not use Windows or a GUI to unzip as there seems to be a lot of issues with that method.

    It is simple. Do not overthink it.

  • I'm also stuck. Got the 1st password but cant get into flags.txt any hints will be appreciated.

  • I found the door, I got the username, all I need is the key.
    I am not able to extract password.zip because it is corrupted due to missing archives. I don't know what to do with the file. I am looking for something that I can use with SSH like a password or public key, but don't see it on social media.

  • stucked on second psw, who can give me an hint?

  • Could really use a hint or some help on the username.zip password... I believe I found the correct new user and the default password, but none of iterations I'm using seem to be working.

  • I am stuck with the password.zip file. I think I've got some sort of a clue, but can't quite crack it yet. Would appreciate hints!

  • check everything including posts, comments, pictures etc in twitter

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