VIP- Can't ping or nmap any retired Machines

I bought the vip and have a vip us server 17. When I run the openvpn name.ovpn i get sequence complete and i also see in the ifconfig the tun0 up and running. However I cant ping or nmap anything the retired machine i am trying to do which is arctic. please help I am new to this and i bought the vip to have access to these. I apprentice the time and help sorry for being a noob. i am also using a ralink usb adapter on kali linux. I have also tried to change the configuration to proto udp to proto tcp, remote {serverAddressHere} 1337 to remote {serverAddressHere} 443, to , to . still nothing also tired restarting the machine thank you once again.



  • You have to start retired machines if they arent active on your VIP server

  • Can we submit hashes of retired machines?

  • Had similar issue - nmap scanning report blocking probes.
    Machines shouldn't block any probes (asked support in Discord).
    If your nmap scan reports:
    Note: Host seems down. If it is really up, but blocking our ping probes, try -Pn

    Then you should try to restart your VPN connection and reset the machine.
    If it doesn't help, you should create ticket via Support Portal.

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