Infiltration - OSINT Challenge



  • I found out the usual fake flags, but nothing more, any hints? i check on tweeter and didnt find anything

  • Hey everyone, thank you for playing Infiltration, I can't believe over 2500 people have solved it!

    I really appreciated reading all your positive comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge!

  • Solved it! Let me know if you need any help!

  • Solved, is not hard. PM if you need help :)

  • Type your comment> @Strakered said:

    Any help with this please? I lost my mind... I have a f**cking docs with 14 profiles of people that works there and 4 fake flags...


    At last I copied bad the flag... Easy challenge but I'm stupid. PM if you need help :)

  • I GOT A FLAG BUT NNOT WORKING...HTB{WWW9................................}any hinnt

  • Just got this, didn't take me long but shame about all the people messing with the LinkedIn page throwing people off. Keep looking if you find the wrong flag.

  • That was fun! Nice quick challenge. Thank you! @greenwolf


  • Fun challenge, would have been very easy to look over had I not seen the comments. Hope that isn't too much of a hint or a spoiler but once you come across it, it's a dead give away. Props to the people who found it before all of that.

  • Loved this one, really funny!!

  • Am I the only one who prefers the rabbit holes? ;)
    Putting the pieces together I had a theory that I was following. unfortunately it was not the real way :(. it would have been much more compelling...
    The only hint here is 'search and look for every information in every social for every member' the flag is pretty clear.. (if don't work the first time try the 'all zeroes strategy :P')

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