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I have an ISC² certification that needs to be renewed every 3 years with (most important I think) money/year and CPEs (Continuing Professional Education). While I usually have no problem getting enough points together, I wonder if HTB could be also a source for those points. I couldn't find anything here, but since I spend countless hours rooting a box there should be some way to transfer them into CPEs (or CUEs or whatever system your provider uses).

Anyone here is in the same boat/has some suggestion? Or are only OSCPs here? ;)


  • I hold two ISC² certifications, and hadn't considered trying to get CPEs for my work on HTB. That's actually a good idea. Based on the CPE handbook, I would classify it as "Performing a unique work-related project that is not a part of your normal work duties." or "Self-study related to research for a project or preparing for a certification examination."

    Since my reason for joining HTB was for OSCP preparation, which I just passed 2 days ago, I get 40 CPEs to apply towards my certs.


    Respect always welcome if I can help you:

  • Wow - congratz. Actually OSCP is my target too - plus having some fun (well, mostly frustration tbh) here :)
    I thought of it as self-study. The issue is, how many points is a box? I feel like I need around 8+ hours of work - spread over multiple days - to do a box (yeah, pretty noob). Would this be considered as fine? Actually there is no real proof how long it took.
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