Studying for OSCP?

Hi there,

anyone interested in getting the OSCP in the next few months?
I am an (intermediate) beginner and looking for others that are in the same situation and would like to share knowledge/materials. The idea would be to start a Discord server maybe..


  • There already is a Discord server for this.

  • pm me and I'll try to add you later.

  • Doing it right now. Labs until the end of September.


  • Oh sweet.
    Yea. I'm starting this upcoming weekend. Discord, me, yes, let's.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Which server can you post the link please or send it to me . Thanks

  • I did mine back in May. Happy to offer help/advice

    OSCP | PMP

  • im on the same boat, give me a heads up if the discord server is a reality

  • Same here, started today , drop me a message if the gang exists
  • Hey guys, sure. Sorry, I was on holiday. I will have a look tomorrow evening and will PM you

  • i want an inv on discord as well please

  • Crew. Which discord is this. #Hugggggggg

  • i gave my first OSCP exam attempt got the passing marks,then due to time issues i submitted my documents in other format instead of PDF format.They rejected the document i got failed even after passing the exam.So please don't repeat the same mistake anyone.They are very strict about their rules.

  • can i get an invitation to the discord server please?

  • I'm starting this upcoming weekend. Send discord link to me plz ^_^

  • I'm also interested in the Discord link :)

    Hack The Box

  • I'll hop in on this if anyone is willing to share the link here as well.

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  • Hi, I would be interested in the Discord link

    Hack The Box

  • Hi, I will begin PWK on the 1st of september. could you send me the discord link too ?


  • count me in

  • pls can I have link

  • Im about 2 weeks now on the OSCP journey, stick to the material first, go thru all, there is a lot to learn from it. Previously I was here about couple moths learning from IPPSEC videos, however OSCP material covers all in deep, and OSCP forum is also helpful, good luck :D

  • I would love an invite to the Discord server aswell!

  • Is this thread dead? :(

  • They guys who are supposed to send the link surely are :D

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