Cyber Security Jobs Scenario(INDIA or Abroad)

Sorry for this long question ..but it's about my future in infosec...
i want to know how easy or hard is it land your first job in infosec if i have a rank of say GURU or above that.i have decent programming knowledge of python.

i am from india and i need to find a job instantly to survive and pursue my career in this field or perhaps i may have to switch myself in order to survive.Can someone from india describe the job scenario in this field.

Also i would request members from other countries to tell me how to find a job without investing much,because i don't have that much of money to visit and appear for interview in other countries.


  • I am from India, and probably just where you are and i dont think indians get paid highly for this kind of stuff 35-40k at max i guess. I dont plan on staying here for too long and if possible you should move out yourself.

  • @hansraj47
    But the problem is how to move from here . That's not an easy task when you are from a middle class family.It even harder to pursue your future in this field unless you are extraordinary...
  • Then you train to be extraordinary. Get a few certs like oscp etc. Get a loan or try to ask for help from family. Kickstarter it out or something to raise capital. May be start your own classes to make some money in the weekends.

  • would OSCP land me a good job in the West?

  • Type your comment> @shellroot said:

    would OSCP land me a good job in the West?

    Hell yeah!

  • @hansraj47 thanks expected i got no reply from indian's as usual.
    Do you have any idea about OSCP job scenario in india? or its just prediction form your side?

  • Not just in India, globally people are in need of cyber security, really badly. The number of ransomware attacks just keeps adding. There is always a security flaw hiding somewhere that someone hasnt noticed, whether its web apps or binaries or whatever. My cousin's brother-in-law makes 100k a month as a computer forensics expert in Ernst and Young. He spend 4 years there to make the money he makes. There is hope.

  • I am from India.

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