Initializing Sequence Completed......

For some reason, I am experiencing some difficulties connecting to the HTB network. The problem just started earlier today and not too sure what's going on. Whenever I try to connect using my supplied ovpn just runs and stays at "Initializing Sequence Complete" and never gives me a full connection.

1. Re-downloading the access package
2. Restarting Virtual Machine and even host machine
3. Changed network settings from "Bridged [Default]" to "Sharing with Host"
4. When connecting I have manually turned off the "tun<#>" interface and then launched command again.
5. Checked my DNS settings and when I ping "google" and "hackthebox" it resolves.

Any other suggestions to try guys? Just started to today so I doubt its anything to do with HTB since I noticed no one else made a topic.


  • Please post your solution in case someone else runs into this ;)


  • I am guessing he had the VPN open from two clients.


  • Not at all...that's the strange thing. I was completely disconnected. I did notice when I went to the access package it did say connected but it was from a completely different IP address. I wasn't connected because I just did a reboot and was checking around before retrying.

    I didn't do too much to resolve, I changed my password and regenerated access just to be sure nothing happened to my box. After that I waited a while and then when I tried again it was allowing me to connect. So I'm not too sure what caused the issue.

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    September 2017... Feels like yesterday :(


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