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Hey guys, I don't know if anything like this exists out there already. I am not a programmer or professional hacker, but I found while hacking on HTB I am often referencing reverse shells to get a connection back from a machine.

Instead of wasting time to Google them, copy, edit and paste them. I wrote a tool where you can look up reverse shells by their language and it will display them with your attack IP and attack port already in the command (you have to set it globally in the IP and PORT variables).

Figured I would share. If you guys decide to use it, awesome, if not that's cool too. Let me know if you find any issues. Feel free to edit it or add more shells.

Edit: I updated some errors with the script and removed having to hard set your IP or port as a variable. You can now set rhost and lport as an argument when running the script (as requested)



  • This is great! For those curious, has a "Shells" tab that does the exact same thing in-browser!

    But for keeping it simple and remaining in console, your solution is awesome too :)


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  • Thankyou! I apperciate the compliment and glad someone could find it useful!


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