• Got Root.
    Funny box. Thanks.

  • Stuck at priv esc. Can sb help ?

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    rooted. Thanks t4l0 for the hint

  • Rooted. Feel free to PM me if you need a nudge.
  • Now rooted. Spent more time than I should on foothold. Tips - Foothold: Explore the hotel and see if any odd behaviours, dont focus too much on one type of vuln. User - explore what can be done from the foothold, once seen keep experimenting. Root - loads of good hints here already.

    alt text

  • I don't get why use of a hyphen(-) results in "Got you", if it is not listed in the forbidden characters.

  • Many many thanks to @EternalB1ue @palaziv and @t4l0 .

    happy to say im a newb

  • Rooted, big thanks to @Conda

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    need help for root!

  • Are we supposed to get an EOF error by running a certain script inside the box ?

  • I must be blind or dumb because I've read through all the pages of the forum on this, and stared at every room and other than a picture being reused and some images not being called.... I'm lost for a foothold. I am a no0b though so I'm probably missing a hint that is in neon with flashing lights...

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    I am trying to create the last part required for root, but having issues with the editor. Could I get some help on this matter?


    EDIT: That's fine. i got it and got root shell. If help is needed let me know.



  • Type your comment> @elgastiom said:

    Type your comment> @NightFury said:


    I'm completely stucked on privesc, i think i've found the point with s*******l but not sure about how can i use it... if someone could help me with a link to some resources that could help me to privesc...


    Sent you a message.

    I sent message to you xd

  • rootness! I was stuck on root for while. knew what i had to do but tripped up on a minor detail. thanks for the help HEXE. hit me up if anyone needs a nudge


  • Can someone PM me to assist me with user, I have access to the script, but I am struggling with some bash syntax. I am aware to the limitations of the script, but my methods to try and work around those limitations are not working as expected. Thanks

  • Hey! I'm pretty new and getting the hang of all of this. I was able to get to p****r and I know that root has to do with s*********l but I have no idea where to go from here. Can someone give me a nudge or PM me an article that I could read to teach myself about this type of thing? Thanks so much in advance, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Sometimes, you don't need google translate because the thing might be lying in the spanish

    GTFObins privilege escalation cheat sheet comes in handy

  • Rooted!
    Learned a few things with this box!

    Happy to help if needed :)

  • Just got root, learned a lot, especially that you have to go small steps :D


  • Need help with priv esc
    I feel it is something to do with s******** or p***
    Tried both, but no luck

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    Hello, can anyone help me with one thing on the privilege escalation? I managed to do it once and get root but now that I'm doing it again it doesn't work. Thank you

    Never mind, I just found out what the error was! Great machine, kudos to the authors!

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    Oh)) User was pain in an a*s, downrated for that. The root part was quite good

    Hack The Box

  • can someone help me i am stuck in the rooms


  • Finally rooted, Thanks to everyone in this forum...
    I was too stubborn, I didn't realise my mistake...
    NOTE: Don't overcomplicate things ... maybe you are just slicing down your chances

  • Rooted! Big thanks to @BINtendo and @Pp123 for the nudges. Really appreciated.
    Foothold: don't get too complicated, think basic
    User: brush up on your programming knowledge
    Root: ton of hints here already, but the one that helps the most is "weird misconfiguration"

  • Thanks to @xscorp7 for the following:

    GTFObins privilege escalation cheat sheet comes in handy

    I was having a very frustrating day until this comment. Each step took me ages but in the end I can say I really enjoyed this box. I'm not always the quickest to respond, but PM me if needing hints.


  • @zepz0p , nope. I got that too. Can be used to get user as well.

  • Finally rooted, Thanks to everyone in this forum.
    Here are already really good tips ... read them carefully then you know what to do :)

  • @zepz0p why are you confused? I'm pretty sure that's what everybody did. What do you see that implies otherwards?

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    ::systemctl /h/p/***.service but im still stuck.. no success

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