I know Mag1k - Challenge

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  • Hi I removed your comments. They were giving away too much info. To answer your question though, you are in somehow the right track. Check what else you can do with what you found out.


  • i want to some a hint. i m go crazy. can you help me please.

  • i have got response that says following response signatures were returned:

    ERROR: All of the responses were identical.

    Double check the Block Size and try again.

    i tried to play with the cookie, block size but no can do.

    can somone pm me?

  • @ronlol2 PM your command, it's just a syntax mistake

  • Im in the same boat... whats the deal jackshd?

  • often the syntax

  • @jackshd It's getting hectic here. I don't know where I'm going wrong with the syntax for the tool. Been stuck for a while. Any help appreciated.

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