Help write-up by Hipotermia

Just uploaded my write-up of Help to my website, hope you enjoy it :D



  • HI, great writeup but I'm not getting a connection back from the reverse shell script. I'm running Kali on VirtualBox on Windows 10. Do I need to add a firewall rule to let the target box connect to Kali?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi @Pilgrim23 , I'm glad you liked it :D
    Did you use the same php reverse shell I used changing your IP/port?
    If you need more help you can send me a PM.

  • Hi @Hipotermia, I used HelpDeskZ 1.0.2 - Arbitrary File Upload with the necessary IP and port changes. Just to check - I use the inet IP address of Kali in the script and not some other weird and wonderful IP from somewhere deep in VirtualBox?

    Thanks for your help - your write up is so useful to a noob such as myself!


  • @Pilgrim23 you have to use the IP address the VPN assigns you (10.10.xx.xx)

  • Do you mean an IP that OpenVM assigns when the .ovpm file is executed or the one assigned by Virtual Box?

  • Yes, the IP address OpenVPN assigns you when you run the .ovpn file, it looks like 10.10.xx.xx

  • Great. Thanks.

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