• So I got the "almost". I am also pretty new to this stuff so I have been trying to find resources to learn and force myself to try and figure it out but I just cannot seem to get around it... After reading these comments, I feel like I am missing something very simple too. Could someone PM me for a hint or a slap in the face? (I also hate asking for help but I am stuck)

  • I made the challenge but not found something in the way.
    Can someone pls send me PM?

  • Nothing, found it :) Mayb too high

  • Yeah i solve it!! you can PM me for the help!!

  • Solved it :D, if your stuck PM me for help.
    you might have to download some tools.
    when u reached almost, your pretty much there.

    Hint: think simple and check the file.

  • Got the flag, without bruteforce, thought it was a rabbit hole, so i used a bruteforce tool, got the same result, d'oh :)
    Anyways, i got myself a brand new version of python (stegcracker requires >= python3.6)

    PM me if you need help


  • I was on the right track from the beginning, almost got there but the way/python script would have taken 32 days if it ran through the whole according to my calculations. So glad I tried other methods.

  • hacker man challange is not exist am i correct??

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