The Future Bender - Stego

The first part of the challenge is a simple mind game, you have a picture of Bender showing what encryption is needed, and you have 3 obviously chosen letters, maybe you can convert them to achieve something. On the second part you have to take a deep breath and wonder what this "phrase" is supposed to mean; Don't limit yourselfs looking at decoding stuff Steganography most of the time refers to external resources, religions, books, and enigmas. Happy Hunting!

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  • Lol, 24 hours left from release, only 6 person got the chall, all give the note insane, and it was a 30 pts challenge O_O, i stuck directly at the start, and what you said didnt help me so much... anyway will wait a moment for more hint, too many time spend on it for nothing :)

    PS : I don't judge the challenge or said it was a bad challenge, i said only 30pts, when all note it insane.... its just a joke xD, anyway i will wait to got it for said what i think about it :)

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    I aggree with the point stuff because it doesn't require any knowloedge or learning stage. I wouldn't even do the first step if I didn't read the hint because it was complete nonsense. I don't think any of the files or parts of the challenge was giving directions about it , it was just a random guess(Please don't tell me this was there, this was there you had to think this, you had to think that blah blah blah...).

    For the second part, I literally tried every combination related to this "phrase" but still nothing. God knows what kind of random thing I had to guess in order to get the flag . I can't understand how these challenges even released ...


  • I spent more time guessing the right combination of the answer to the riddle than i did doing steg extraction work.

    Quick and easy, though.

    Thanks Frey!

  • After spending some time on it when it first came out, I came back to it today an re-looked at it. 5 mins later, solved it. Thanks for the challenge!

  • Who thought this challenge was okay? I want my wasted time back!

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    Plssssss this was the worst challenge of stego, maybe it would have helped to the flag format, I did not think it was right, I'm sorry, they should have more careful when choosing the clues.
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  • what are we supposed to google, when all we have is 3 binary values? or i am getting this wrong?

  • Type your comment> @w31rd0 said:

    what are we supposed to google, when all we have is 3 binary values? or i am getting this wrong?

    That's the second part, finish up the first one.

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