Update on OSCP-Like Machines

This question has been asked several times and the stock answer (or at least the only one I've seen to date) is the list of retired machines as per the below Reddit link.

Can anybody update this list to machines retired since that list was distributed? ideally including machines that are currently active.

What I am primarily interested in is Windows boxes and those with binary exploitation stages. But more generally just a larger array of practice boxes utilise as part of the PWK/OSCP prep.

Boxes that cover or allow practice of the subjects covered in teh course and exam that are aimed at a similar technical level.

As a side note for admins, perhaps there could be an area or functionality where machines that are relevant to various professional qualifications could be flagged or listed?

Ideally before they are retired.

Clearly there is already the 'Real World/CTF/CVE/Custom' reviews but could this be taken one step further?


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