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    I guess it would be one session as your making a GET and PUT request. However you use just the 1 session. Hope that clarifies for you.

    Thank you, I thought this. But in anyway I keep getting "Too slow"....

  • PM me your code and I will take a look for you and see what your issue is.

  • I'm 99% sure this challenge is just broken lol

  • Today i re-ran my python script and got the flag in my response. I made no changes from the one that was failing 2 weeks ago. Seems like the challenge has been fixed.

  • Yes, the challenge has benn fixed, I was going crazy... I re-ran my both scripts and got the flag.

  • hey, i got it done, challenge says 20 points, but it landed me only 2, what is that all about ?
    ty, good practice

  • Struggling with this atm, got the string extracted encoded and encrypted, posted into the text field and submit button pressed with Selenium but still says 'too slow'. I'm assuming it has something to do with the cookies based off everyones comments but i'm not sure what exactly I can do with them?

  • Hi - In case anyone is interested on solving this challenge without scripting, I managed to get the flag using Burp. I am very happy with what I learned, it involved: Intruder, some grepping (part of Intruder options) and payload processing.

    Happy Hacking! : )

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