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Hi folks,

Does anybody have any good recommendations for steganalysis tools? I seem to get stuck a lot because it's often very difficult to find the hidden message. I usually try Stegsolve and strings. Sometimes I try changing the text size. After that... I've kind of got nothing. It's frustrating solving 3 different parts of a steganalysis and cryptanalysis problem to end up in a dead end. A lot of what I've researched is either a broken link, no longer maintained, or requires several dependencies which are all broken.

Any suggestions?

Thanks folks.


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    @Peyphour that's a good one, but I prefer just keeping a small set of tools since for me whenever I get a "big bin of tools" I just end up not using most of it. lol

    My go-to ones are:

    .. and of course cyberchef for the stego challs that are sort of crypto too.

    Covers like 80-90% of what I need.

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    Mostly i use strings,exiftool,xxd,steghide,StegSolve and binwalk!
    These are the basic one!

  • Thanks folks! I'll look into those this weekend.

    A lot of this is really needle in a haystack stuff for me. I just joined VIP and am looking to level up my skills. I spend my weekends trying to CTF (and most of the time end up being trolled by a false lead and a bad key). This is great fun.

    I've done both masters degree and doctoral credits in this stuff and nothing beats just good hands on experience. This is where it's at.

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