please tell me im not the only one that since swagshop box come in all the free boxes show there offline and don't there a reason for this..??? is there a reason there was no press release at all that this was gonna happen? you would think if this was planned maybe someone would of took 2 minutes to make a press release or something like WTF am i the only one that has not had access to any box for like 6 days? right after swagshop....


  • hi, im using eu-free and its working fine, maybe regenerate your VPN access?


  • Almost all machines are being shown as "down" on free servers.What could be the reason?

  • I am on free server and it does show me no access on status check but i am still able to ping and access it.

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    @ColdFusionX Yeah i know , but machines seems to be unstable . Machines loose connectivity after sometime.

  • Check if you do not have two tun interfaces. If so, reset your local Kali.

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  • Shit. Working great for me. Don't know what you're talking about.

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