[Feature Request]/[Possible Issue]Missing Points

[Feature Request]
My feature request would be to have something in the profile showing when and why points were subtracted, just like the list of when points were added. and going off the points listed on the profile not the point value for the machines since they seem to be added up differently. Nothing fancy just maybe a list saying something like:

Current points = 
******** retired, points lost: **
Current points =
******** user/root, points added **
Current Points = 

[Possible Issue] description
Reason I am asking for that is because last night when I went to bed I had 189 points on my profile. When I woke up I had 178. No box got retired that I can see and no additional challenges got retired that I can see, so where did my points go? To my knowledge we gain points on active boxes and challenges, and lose them when they retire. Not randomly throughout the day for no reason. And that its not based off time so if you don't get points in a specific time frame you start losing them. If that was the case 9 points a day is a huge hit haha.

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