Bank Heist



  • Stuck in the Second Part ? Can anyone PM for the Cipher . Really stuck!

  • Really nice challenge, thanks to the creator. :+1:


  • This was actually a great box. The first step was less of a cipher and more of thinking back in time.
    The second step was a cipher and I was thinking about it all the wrong way. Israel is a solid clue. Entering in the key was ezpz, not sure why anyone had issues.

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    -Dont enter all of the plaintext, just the key with special characters. Took me 22 damn tries to enter the key right... Totally dumb.

    Thks Man! The real challenge begins when you just need to submit the flag xD

  • Great Challenge. Herbew Hint helped me a lot. Took some time to submit the flag as i left off some important characters while submitting :lol:

  • I don't know what type of encode use this challenge, I think it is Nihilist but it gives me error, anybody help me? Thks!

  • Been trying to figure out how to submit the HTB for a while now... Got the key but I don't know the submission format. Little help please

  • Someone can help me? D_:

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    Someone can help me? D_:

    All hints are above you.


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    decent challenge, with a nice use of history to crack it.

    The submission was a twist too, there is more than meets the eye to the flag, only by looking back can you see the way ahead ;-).

  • Took me back to when I was a kid. Was stuck on the 2nd part for a few minutes as I went down a rabbit hole. Pm if help is needed!


  • for anyone still stuck on the submission of this look at the first encrypted message and be sure to include those things on the end in your flag submission. Took me sooooooo long to figure this out! The first decoder I used removed these.

  • Once you get the right tool, it will make sense. I used wrong one and it converted to text that kind of made sense so don't let that trick you. The Israeli part is a good hint for second part.


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    I think I have the flag too, but Not working :(. 1. Agreed that a flip phone can help, 2. @cyberus 's country can help. 3. C***** ci**** is the type, tried the shift by 1-10 and it didn't work. any help? or PM

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    This is one of my favourite challenges so far. I really enjoyed this and did most of the translation by hand just because I wanted it to be a little more challenging. Eventually, if you perform the decoding manually, you start understanding what comes next.

    NOTE: UPPERCASE the flag

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    @itri3d 's

  • loved it

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    Thanks for saving my life <3

  • Reallly cool challenge, but the flag was also bugging me...need to do more :)
  • Got everything decrypt. But can't submit the flag. Anyone PM?

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    thank you.

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    Nvm i decrypted the second part however i'm having trouble submitting the flag


  • I solved it, i just had to submit only the key and special characters. Thanks guys


  • please give me hint for the second problem, Ive tried Vi*****e cipher, but i didnt get the right key..

  • Type your comment> @defaultkey said:

    please give me hint for the second problem, Ive tried Vi*****e cipher, but i didnt get the right key..

    Yeah i did the same and didn't work. You should try a different approach. The Hint is Israel.


  • Cool challenge, long message, told me everything but to tie my shoes.

    Key submission is easy once you've solved it...Israel is a good clue.

    If I help you out, drop a respect, two clicks to say thanks, link below.

  • Interesting challenge so far - I've only gotten through the first part and haven't been able to get the second. Probably overthinking the hint and went down a rabbit hole. -.-

  • AklAkl
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    I am having trouble with the submission, any hints please!


  • bltblt
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    I have found the flag but I am unable to submit it. Any help?

    edit: I have just figured out, thanks for the hint btw @Gordin

  • This was the coolest challenges ever. Thanks for the hints guys. 🔝🔝

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