Nudge For Da Vinci



  • please help me as well @Griff .. DM me and teach me with which tool to clueless and im new to this.. just joined :tired_face:

  • DMing you now, welcome to the club :)

  • I found the Zip file and the PWD for Mona.jpg, but don't know what to do with Mona.jpg any hints???

  • same> @ceger said:

    I found the Zip file and the PWD for Mona.jpg, but don't know what to do with Mona.jpg any hints???

    same, but use sudo or be root


  • @peek I have got it... You have to extract the Mona.jpg with a PWD that you can guess from the Infos......

  • hey successfully got the password ,extracted image ,but then found nothing.Now i m having 2 mona lisa images one with iphone and other without iphone.Any clues?

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    I got the passwd to but I get error: invalid compressed data to inflate
    after the correct passphrase..any ideas

  • I've tried using the small name as the password for Hanks.jpg, but nada. Is that supposed to happen??

  • i managed to get the first key from the first image, found also the video.
    but now i am stuck. any hints?

  • Can someone PM me? I'm about 98% there and need to bounce some things off someone

    +1 respect if I've helped

  • I can't figure out the password for monalisa.jpg. I have tried dozens of passwords.


  • Nevermind, I got it. I was just stupid.


  • im stuck for the mona.jpg password i, any clue for the small name?

  • dm me please need help unble able to move futher

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    I can't figure out the password for zip. I have tried dozens of passwords related to the vid but... Please @Griff dm for little help... newbie am i ;) ok try again

    ok, got it. Sorry, i belive i've tried it, but nope... Ok let's move further :)

  • Can anyone PM me a hint on DaVinci. I have managed to find the vid link, the s3****.txt message, and have the M***.jpg file. I have been trying to extract something out of the last image but do not know the password needed to do it.

  • Stuck with mona.jpg, does anyone have a hint?

  • solved.
    every file in the zip have something hidden


  • great challenge. <3


  • Damn, was it long winded... But a lot of fun!!

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    EDIT: Any clue for the Key file?

  • Ok now I'm feeling very stupid, I discovered what I've to do with that very funny.

  • You know what's not particularly helpful? The video being offline............

  • I have made it almost all the way to the end. I have extracted a hidden files called k**.txt But I am not sure where to go from here. I can't seem to figure out how to decrypt it.

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    Never mind, I feel dumb for not getting it sooner lol

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    If anyone needs a hint, DM me. each piece of the puzzle must be unlocked.

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