• Can anyone send me hints in pm about escalation to root?

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    nice :) finicky box :blush:

  • guys, stop resetting the box so often

  • Anyone got a hint about avoiding the "is no longer signed" message in at-gt?

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    That was tough.

  • Can someone please reset the box.

    Hack The Box

  • Got root! This box was very satisfying from beginning to end. It was especially interesting when I got to play around with a linux repo, I was always curious about how they worked.

    Feel free to PM and I'll offer whatever help I can.

  • I found a vim swap file, and in it it there is some php that mentions the admin interface, on port 60080, and there is also the admin password that I cracked. But there is nothing listening on port 60080. I'm not really sure where to go from here can someone help?

  • rooted!! I really love this box, it's long but i really prefer these ones, many steps but perfectly concatenated, in every single one of them there's something that lead you to the next one, no guesswork but hardwork (specially the last one) and others teach me to be patient and do a thorough analysis before discard anything, because as i said, everything you need is there, hidden in plain sight.

    I liked specially the upload part, take me some time to find what i had to do but very satisfying when I finally realized it. Very smart, congrats to creator.

    Last step for root it's a really good one, implies some job and some research (at least for me) because i hadn't deal before with something like that and when i thought i had found the way, none of the examples i found were exactly the same context but them definitely put me on the right path and after some work, got it!

    Feel free to ask me by pm if you need some hints.


  • That was a lot of fun, great box @jkr !

    Getting root, I learned a lot about packages and how they get secured. And that just seeing what a tool requests and putting files in the location is easier than following an article where the files should be initially.

    And looking forward to ippsec video where it all will look very simple


  • Very fun box! :) rooted

  • Is it just me or is connectivity to this box super flaky? Can't even run dirb/etc

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    Type your comment> @gorpig said:

    Is it just me or is connectivity to this box super flaky? Can't even run dirb/etc

    You sure you're not getting caught by brute force prevention? e.g. Donkey?


    For assistance:

    1) Plz msg me via the main HTB messaging system, not the forums or my wall
    2) Give me some insight as to what you've tried already, or ideas you've moved past
    3) Don't expect me to give you the answer-- that defeats the object of being here.

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  • Curious about the passwd file of this box. It's only showing registered hosting users, missing a lot of users which should be there. Can anyone tell me why it's like that? Is it docker or something like that?

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    Stuck at uploading the plugin through the admin panel.

    I can POST the plugin by enabling gray and modifying action. However, I get an "200 ok" with an empty response, but clearly the plugin does not get uploaded.

    At this point I have:

    • investigated the oma.*p plugin
    • tried to understand how downloading URI could be applied to upload.

    PM for nudges is most highly appreciated!

    EDIT: No worries any more!

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