I seen many students having the same difficulty with the initial foothold would it be possible to have a few hints to get started. Im presuming this is not like the realworld where we would start with a Whois search and enumerate domains and sub domains and so forth as its an internal lab OR am i wrong

Im planning on starting this at the end of next month but im in the initial recon phase of my work reading every piece of info about these labs and frankly have seen students pulling their hair out so im a bit curious :)



  • what is your question ?


  • Going to do this lab soon anyone want partner up with me

  • Hello. I haven't been able to establish a foothold on Rastalabs target network. Could someone please provide a hint.

  • Hello, last two days i face many problems in rastalabs regarding victims response, while today I cannot anymore connect to an account with password found before. I have requested a ticket for support but there is no progress.

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