VIP Not Worth The Cost

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Im really disappointed with VIP. I paid a premium so I could access retired machines. The only slots open are #24 US and #23 EU. There arnet any retired machines available for those slots. What am I paying for as a VIP member?


  • It is most definitely worth the cost. I've found that when the week ends and they cycle out the previous available retired machines with the new set of retired machines, they're unreachable. Try pinging and messing with the retired boxes tomorrow, they should be available.


  • I tried pinging them and cant reach them. I checked status and they're only available for EU slots 1-7 and US slot 1.

  • Like I said, try again tomorrow, because I'm checking the status of the Retired boxes right now and I'm getting a lot more availability across the servers than you were reporting.


  • Im new to HTB. When does the week end? Right now there are 20 of the 78 retired boxes listed as available. 20 machines is plenty for 1 week. My issue is that none of the 20 machines were available on the VPN slots that were open.

  • I just checked a few of the boxes I tried earlier and they available. I guess I just tried at a bad time?

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