So my time in the OSCP labs is over...

Hi, my labtime in the OSCP labs is over and I still have a few things I have to practise! My number one issue is with privesc, windows in particular. Is there any windows privesc machines anyone would recommend my trying? (Note: privesc in general is not my strong side)



  • This is there in my to-do list or in bookmark. I didn't try it. If you want you can give a try.


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    Thanks, I will take a look !


  • Giddy was very cool! And SecNotes too

    Hack The Box

  • The lab extension was half the price of the course when I went through in 2016. I was pleasantly surprised by this. If you can swing it financially, you may want to purchase an extension. There are more Windows privesc opportunities in the internal networks.

  • my goal is to buy an extension in the summer, right now I'm working an 80% job, and going to school.


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