How set up VPN to TCP connection (noobie in the corner)

i'm trying to set up the VPN to to connect via TCP i change my file.ovpn but is not working



  • Hello fellow noob.

    Ironically, a lot of people currently very busy trying to setup legacy VPN. :lol:

    There is no extra charge for this private learning experience!

    Providing hardly any information other than 'is not working' is generally a trigger moment for anyone who has ever had to triage any fault report.

    Try regenerating your keys again.

    If you are trying to change to tcp because your network firewall was blocking udp then it may be the case that this is also blocked. https 443 is not usually but some network monitor might bar this connection on destination ip address (or even some mitm data).

    To find out go tell a network admin that you are attempting to connect his shiny corporate network to a LAN occupied by 60k of the world's l33t hackers hungry for fresh meat.

    Both the Kali Linux or Windows OpenVPN client displays its logs as it tries to establish a connection. Make a note of any errors this log contains. Google them.


  • try changing the remote port to 443, tls-auth to tls-crypt and proto to tcp It worked for me.

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