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What do you guys suggest is a good notepad or something to write notes while going through the boxes? I am on Parrot and using QOwnNotes thats already build in, but I am not enjoying it. Trying to see what tools others are using to keep track of their information.




  • Boostnote. I like it because of Markdown.
  • Many people (on OSCP threads etc) are recommending CherryNote, but personally I still prefer Zim [] ; Markdown-like wiki syntax, with the content stored as plaintext files (grep-able and easily modified; whereas CherryNote uses sqlite or alternatively a single xml file iirc). Core plugins add versioning, easy screenshot grabbing, code blocks with syntax highlighting, calendaring, etc.


  • As much as it pains me... MS OneNote is the most useful one I've ever tried.
    The cloud based browser version just works and keeps everything synced. The formating and multimedia features are very good.
    I'm by no means a Windows or Microsoft fanboi. So feel a little ashamed to admit it tbh.
    Tried many other free/opensource note keeping apps in the past.
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  • I just looked them up and that looks nice. Do you use the paid version and if so do you think it is worth it?


  • @ZerkerEOD: No paid version (I'm poor) but the free one is enough for me but I think that for 5$ at month it is worth it.


  • I use gedit


  • @dodo said:
    @ZerkerEOD: No paid version (I'm poor) but the free one is enough for me but I think that for 5$ at month it is worth it.

    I am testing it out and paid the $10 for a quater to check it out. I would happily pay so much more if it allowed me to keep notes and then import them into a final report. But the Report tab seems to lack since I have to retype all my notes (this is assuming I use it for reporting job based penetration test).


  • I personally like keepnote. It works on linux/mac/windows which makes it nice for when I'm doing stuff on my laptop to go and I just keep them in a synched folder. I used OneNote for the longest but the search in it is really poor when you are searching for characters like ",,," or commands containing just a word. Keepnote seems to handle this better imo ^_^


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