Monstrosity Stego

Hello everyone, I'm working on the challenge for several hours, I was hoping to find something unusual among the tweets but it was not like that, should I really do something with these tweets? Something like a conversion to a language, or is it a esolang that I can not find?

I would appreciate advice on this challenge :)


  • I'm working on it too. For what I've been able to found on the forums you should not be looking at the text of the tweets.

  • check github for tweet_dumper


  • @Sekisback said:
    check github for tweet_dumper


    Although I also used the twitter API and developed a similar script, however ... Should I see anything other than the text of the tweets?

  • @samsepi0l said:

    Should I see anything other than the text of the tweets?

    Yes. Some of the tweets have additional data associated with them.


  • Wow, I had to come post here because I just did this challenge and boy was that clever. There is 100% enough info above to solve this. Don't focus on the tweet text what else can you focus on?

  • I will organize the attributes of J***, and I will observe them carefully, I appreciate your help! @opt1kz @cyptik UwU

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