Hack the Box website too laggy to use on Kali VM

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Hi there,

New member here.

Did a search on the forum but didn't find a similar thread. If there is please point me towards it and accept my apologies!

As suggested when signing up I'm trying to use Hack the Box with Kali in a VM.

I'm on a 2017 MacBook Pro. I use VirtualBox with Kali Linux Vbox 64 Bit Ova which I downloaded from offsec today.

4gb ram, 2 cpu's allocated.

When I try to open Hack the Box website in FireFox ESR it's too slow to even log in.

I click the username field and I'm waiting more than 3 minutes to get a cursor. Same when I start typing. Whole system is stuck while waiting. Haven't been able to succesfully log in yet.

I had no problems with logging into other websites up till now but since I've only just got this up and running I tried 4 others so sample size is limited. All websites are slowish, but tolerable. I have fibre with 500mb up and down so internet speed should not be an issue.

If I open up a terminal reaction time is fine and very workable.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? And be able to solve it? Followed all tips I could find to speed up the VM I could find on Google and at the moment it's specifically only a Hack the Box website problem. Which sucks as that was the reason I got this up and running :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Solved it. Downloaded the openvpn config file on my machine and copied it into the Kali VM so I didn't have to log into the website.

    So now I can continue through terminal.

    Was tempted to delete but will leave it up for anyone who might run into the same issue.

    If this is too n00bish for you mods please feel free to delete. ;)

  • it's funny you say this on my kali laptop if I have notifications active it will freeze well did a while back on my windows pc its fine and on my kali vms also fine just one computer that has trouble with the notifications

  • I've been playing around with it for 5 hours last night. Lot's of Googling too. No big problem (browsing isn't fast but very tolerable) with any other site than HTB. HTB just freezes up the whole system. But with the VPN up and running no biggie.

  • Having the same experience, I also run Kali Linux Vbox 64 Bit Ova from offsec on a 2018 Macbook Pro. I can't even log into HTB, Firefox and Chromium freeze at the login and then VirtualBox crashes.

  • I also had problems with lagging GUI on Kali VM. Changed window manager to xfce. That made a BIG difference..

  • I've also experienced this issue. I have a similar setup to previous posters (MacBook Pro, VirtualBox 6.0, Kali Linux Vbox 64 Bit Ova).

    The problem appears to be with the animation in the background of the homepage. I believe the particle.js library (https://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/) is used to achieve this.

    To stop the lag, I removed the div tag that is used for this animation (id: particles-js). This can be done by running the following JS in the browser console:


    (Note: this div is added dynamically so you may get an error if it's not in the DOM yet. If this is the case just rerun the command a few times. If it is present, the div will be removed and an object will be returned.)

    I was then able to login unhindered. Thankfully, this animation is not present once you're logged in.

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    kali with gnome is freaking slow in a VM, I changed the desktop to i3 and it's really faster.


  • Kali in general is laggy, I have allocated 4gb ram (in my previous laptop I allocated 8gb ram to Kali) and still its very laggy. Sometimes when I try to do tab auto complete in a folder with 2 files it hangs after about 3 4 secs I get repeated output (10-15 times repetitions) which is really annoying.
  • I'm dealing with this same issue with my new Macbook Pro. I also was just having issues on hackthebox because of the javascript. I added the "NoScript" extension to firefox in the Kali VM and it solved this issue.

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