Help needed to learn about tools to crack password for zip, jpeg, pdf

Hi all, I am Newbie and I am aware of like few tools to do the stuffs like breaking passowrds to .zip, .pdf, .jpeg and .mp3 as well.

What ever I used for my previous CTFs, mostly not working here, I like to know some of the tools or methods to break passwords for zip, pdf, mp3's

I got stuck in one of the box for 10days around not kowing to break password for zip, I used zipjohn, but it got failed

Hope this will be useful for other new learners as well.

Thanks in advance




  • For zip this is another alternative:
    Also you can always use hashcat for any type of hash!

  • fcrackzip is, in my experience at least, by far the best tool for cracking zip files. I've always had issues with zip2john. Additionally, there's no way to "set a password" to jpegs or mp3's. You could encrypt them and set an encryption key using a third party tool, but there is no inherit, built-in way of password protecting an image or audio file like there is for zips and pdfs.

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