What type of code contains forward slash and plus sign?

I'm having a hard time finding the type of codes?
like this one, it contains forward slash and plus sign

" uC6m/U3PkAkp3GhHcjuWgNOL22Y9r7nrQEopVyJbs
K1i6f+BQyO "
this is some of the code, I'm not sure how to identify it?

do we have resources to learn from, youtube, pages or a cheat sheet that explains the type of codes??

Please give a direction


  • Are you sure it's not just a password? I had one with + and / and I was googling for ages... it ended up being the pw for a ssh user

  • Context matters - for example, RSA keys can contain that data.


    Note: https://www.nohello.com/

    Happy to help people but PLEASE explain your problem in as much detail as possible! If you say vague things like "It's not working", I cant help. This isn't Twitter so my DMs are always open.

  • I found out it was base64 and it has a file inside it, codes are a nightmare

    I can't thank @TazWake and @N30C0UNT enough, they really helped me a lot, won't forget that

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