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    Guys can some one PM I'm in trouble to get root I was runing all the U..D files but with no chance to get root or executing arbitrary command, can you PM please thanks

    UPDATE, DONE it to get root I was looking from the start in that file but didn't work, and today works. Hi took me a day for this box really enjoyed good work for the creator.

  • Agree that I made root harder on this than it should have been. I can see where those newer to *nix operating systems might overlook something so simple. Feel free to PM me if you need a hint.

    Getting in and escalating to user was easy enough though. Fun challenge!

  • finally got root....(collapses into a pool of his own body fluids)....thanks to some great tips from @Epictetus

  • Ive read all the hints and im still stuck on root , i have a feeling its v............ file but no idea how to execute it . Can anyone Pm me for a Nudge cause im clueless

  • @Epictetus Yeah I don't really like the CTF machines. Not a real life scenario IMHO


  • Managed to obtain root :) what a Box ! My tip is keep enumerating and do some white and blacklisting with the attack and host linux machine.
    You should find what you need :)
    Thanks for the Hints guys , you guys are awwsome :)

  • Heeeey finally rooted!! If you need some hint for this Challenge feel free to PM me

  • Having spent nearly two days on a GDB script believing it's the b*** file with stego people are talking about.. I feel obligated to let people know it isn't.

    I found the "real" file, but already popped root by that time. If anyone wouldn't mind a PM to hint the stego.. well I've got root already.

  • @Seth70 said:
    The first line of it contains all necessary info. Focus to steg !

    Googling that content is one of the strangest searches I've ever done. Here's my first few hits, in order:

    • The Reddit sub for Elite Dangerous
    • A Power Rangers wiki page
    • The_Donald sub on reddit
    • An Amazon page for purchasing Hydrocycut diet supps

    If one of these is meant to be a hint I'm out of here :p

  • Rooted. Fun and pretty easy box.

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    Could someone give me an hint for user? I already got the shell with MSF, found user.txt and the .b***** file. Got the information I needed from it, but now I don't know where to use it.

    EDIT: Got user. Lol, never forget the services you have already enumerated


  • Finally got root! Thanks everyone for the hints.

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    Complete noob here. I can not for the life of me figure out how to get root. I think I've found the interesting file, but I can't seem to make it do anything. All it says is permission denied. Am I missing something?

    Edit: I have finally figured it out.

  • Can someone here pm me some hints about the root? i am really stuck and after hours of being brainfucked i still have no clue where that is?

  • Hey guys can anyone pm i got the.b**** file and couldnt understand where to use it.

  • got a shell, found the .b***** file, searching for "the binary" file that everybody is talking about, and also searched for a program on the machine that is used for steganography, but i couldn't find any. Appreciate any nudges or tips please :anguished:

  • Can somebody please tell me what is the image in the main page of the Irked machine... Can't see to load the image...Have tried multiple times...It only load half i.e. the upper part black and yellow part of the image but did not load fully..pls help

  • Really stuck on root for this. Could anyone PM me a hint? I think I'm close but not sure if i'm going down the right path

  • Rooted! Thanks to @w00pi for a small nudge in the right direction!

  • enumerating r*****d service am I on right track

  • Hey good folks!

    It's my first box and CTF so I'm a bit lost since I'm noob.
    I got a shell but I can't seem to finde a way to get user or root.

    Somebody can PM me a hint?


  • User & Root.

    PM me if you need some extra help. Although, The information in the forum is enough to solve it.


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    @Skunkfoot said:

    @devanshll said:
    feeling a moron atm, i know should be easy to understand this b***** file, but i just cant get it

    Ever done any challenges on here?

    @Skunkfoot thanks for this, the challenges definitely helped and were fascinating. I had never looked in to anything like that before.

  • need hints for root pm me please :)

  • Any tips on priv esc? I've got User in the way I think the author intended, have a stable shell, found a bunch of S**D files and ran them but I can't see any way of using them to my own ends. I think I basically know what my options could be oce I've got the right one, but which is it? Any chance of a nudge in the right direction please?



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    ARgh, this root thing is killing me. any hint on root enumeration via DM is appreciated. ya i know, it should be right in front of me and all the clues i need are in this thread. i've read them and still can't find the obvious.

    Edit: Finally rooted. Many thanks to @mendedsiren63 for the hand holding! Happy to help if needed.


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    Good machine to root! Enumeration is the key!
    Hint for root: copy the list of binaries in your linux box and compare with the target machine.. Something will stand out. It was right in front of me and I ignored it like my gym :expressionless:

  • I got user and root.

    For user, got an idea from ports and images
    For root, got and used SUID

    It was funny

    Hack The Box

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    Stuck on root priv esc. Im logged via ssh with user d******v, I've already enumerated all the suid/sgid files but I can't figure out what's the binary everybody is talkin' about.
    Any hint will be appreciated.

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