I cannot connect to the VPN as ipv6 is disabled and i can't enable it i think my ISP disabled it, is there any other way that i can connect to VPN :) Thanks in advance


  • Hello are you using Linux? I think ipv6 has been the standard since July/2017. Only few places use it, like YouTube and Google. Your ISP has no control over that. I disabled it for privacy reasons. Now I have to get it back on. This is frustrating because i couldn't keep the ipv6 from turning back on! I finally put it to rest not i cant get it working. Can anyone give me a good reason why hackinthebox is using ipv6? Are you guys using it alot in the UK?

  • Why not use it locally? Not that hard to wrap head around. fe80 equally of good use as 169.254 for link local without messing up ifconfig :)

    IPv6 is used in some HTB machines, some even for crucial services which you cannot complete without capabilities.

    ovpn is not relying on vmhost or even ISP to have IPv6 capabilities to enable vmguest to have it between it and HTB. You should really not connect to HTB from non vm host..

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