Connecting to web challenges

Ok, so I'm sure this has been covered but i can't find the post, plus it's a turbo noob question.
But putting into the web browser does not connect me.

I have connected on the OVPN client but the connection work s neither on nor off.

Am I missing something (clearly) as regards connection to the lab env?


  • I just tried it using a simple web challenge and it worked right away.

    1. I'm connected via OpenVPN (make sure to regenerate/redownload the new connection pack since they've been reset on Oct 5, 2018).
    2. I chose a challenge and started the instance
    3. I used[someport] (no TLS)

    Is DNS working? So can you resolve the hostname?


  • Sorted it. Must have the network I was on. Switched to tethered on my mobile and working fine now. Cheers

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