Learning the ropes

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First and foremost, I want to make it clear I am not very experienced this, in fact, this was my first proper "hack" or whatever the term is.

The situation is that I've gotten a meterpreter session open on Jerry, and I 'm wondering what my next "goal" is. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm new to this. More specifcally, what does it mean to "own system" or "own user"

edit: I figured out what I'm supposed to do. Nothing to see here.


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    Own user = gained command line access to a machine, most likely (always on HTB) will have restricted privileges. Your goal from here is to escalate your privileges to system (aka. root/administrator) which is full control over the victim machine. HTB machines are CTF, but it's on the premise that if you have the privileges to read the root.txt file, in a real life scenario, you have privileges to do whatever you please with that machine.


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